Africa Has Me Stumped

Africa really has me stumped, last year I wanted to do an African themed piece.  Mainly because I remembered the first piece I ever did was for my mother. I was still a child and she asked me to paint a wooden bracelet for her, it was not my best work but the memory brought about many things and one was to do an African themed piece. I looked for the type of beads I wanted, colors , shape , sizes  etc.  My first issue is that many of the beads the holes are really large unlike regular gem or Czech beads. After a week of research I kinda sorta figured out how to use them.  But as I look at many “African” themed pieces I wonder is there any right or wrong to them . Should they be wooden beads of seed beads, must it be natural colored beads or a variant of colors that just scream at you.  Should it be cloth or large over the top pieces that weigh on  wearer. I really don’t know and as the designer I am thinking do I go with my gut, my unique style or do I look for outside influences to assist in my design. So as I await the rest of my materials which hopefully it would arrive this week, I think no I believe my gut and unique style will win out and that is what is going to influence the design of the piece.  Ase’o Mama Africa be with me in this one.tumblr_mjxyw3IsAd1s73dl0o1_400

Happy New Year

Well well, we have made it to the end, December 31st 2015. What have we learnt? What have we achieved? I hope for the many crafters and designers it was a fruitful year.  I myself cannot really complain about mine. I am not finishing on the high I did in 2014, however it has been

Enlargen My Territory

This week, new thoughts and ideas started rolling around in my mind. Yea, I was in a bit of a funk, but I never gave up! There were so many things coming my way, that I can’t possibly give up. My ‘PITA’ is going to help me with some of the things she ‘actually thought

The Road May Be Long

This week was one of those. I questioned myself. Were these pieces I am creating worth it? Should I continue to do this? I have not had a sale in months. I have materials up the ying yang and all over my room. And my  credit card, wow, let’s not even talk about that. Then there

Maybe It’s Me

I often wonder about the thought process behind some designs. I look at some and say “oooh that is beautiful” or, “love it!”. Then there are those that make me go “what the hell?!?” or, “no way I would wear that”. Then there are those that really make me think – this is not wearable,

What Now

Now we are waiting for materials to get here. We wait and let the design play out in our head. We wait for this damn headache to leave too. And we try to finish up last weekend’s work, take pics and we also have  to clean up the shop and put new pieces in and

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I Think I Have Too Much Going On … Imagination ???

I can’t even remember when last I did a blog entry , for those who do it everyday much respect to you. I personally cannot get to this everyday, I would not say it is tough but when you have regular nine to five job and you manage two other Facebook pages besides your regular

Achieving Balance

It’s been a few weeks , but I have been busy shopping for materials , looking for ideas , thinking about color schemes and more than anything else trying to ACHIEVE BALANCE because I did say I was challenging myself this year to design earrings. Well believe me it has been a challenge and left


Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, wishing you all the best. 2015 is here and it is time to get back on the grind and do what I do best create BEAUTIFUL ONE OF A KIND PIECES. With that said this year I intend to challenge myself earrings is not my thing

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