Month: October 2014

Rearrange My Thoughts

It has come to my attention that THERESE is not a hobby not a way to pass time but she is my life my first priority and I must make it so. Everyday I have to eat and breathe THERESE my mind has to be at work round the clock creating and thinking of beautiful

And Action

I would love to do my best Rachel Price impersonation right now   but it would not be the same.  So I will cut to the chase  and  let the world know we are on a roll .  We are on the second leg of the journey  ,  my online shop is up on Facebook

The Magic When I praise things will work

The Magic When I praise things will work , in the background Joel Osteen Sunday telecast is on. I he reaffirms what I have kept doing and saying KEEP SENDING UP THE RIGHT VAPORS. And it also just occured to me also a friend texted me this sermon the morning. Every which way I turn

Feeling A Bit Empty

Lately I don’t know what it is, maybe it is the weather . Yep I like to blame everything on the weather ,but I am restless, tired , worried and I feel as if that door is not going to open for me. There is so much praying I can do , I have been

Enjoy the Present

In my last post I spoke about my strange encounters with people well yesterday was another day of that . I tried to do a good deed for someone and the person not knowing my intentions for my visit , decided to avoid me . It was so funny because ordinarily I would have been


Lately I have been having the strangest encounters with people and it makes me wonder has the world gone crazy or is it the weather, something in the water , air or food. I don’t know which is it but I have arrived at the stage in that I am done ignoring your asses and

So, This Is What I’m Pinking About…

Nice piece.