Month: November 2014

Feeling Calm But Yet Excitied

Yesterday there I was on my regular nine to five grind shopping for materials for THERESE on the peoples time not mine. While looking on one of my favorite websites for stuff I clicked on one of its options “Whats Fresh”. I have been to this part of the page a few times but never

Did I Say I was Patient

It has been one hell of a week but I have made it to the finish line again and like everything else I could not have done it without the Most High at my side. Eventually after many emails to the company that I purchase most of my beading and jewelry supplies from they finally

Let Me Be Quiet

Getting annoyed about things I cannot control does not help me , all that it does is give me a huge migraine. My post lady has lost my package with materials it is not the first time she has delivered my mail to the wrong box. But this time it is my materials that I


There are days that are going to be like this , but I have to learn Patience. Everything is moving along smoothly my page likes have increased and I am seeing interest in my pieces. I am all hyped and ready to work on another piece and bam my materials are missing in action. Now