Achieving Balance

It’s been a few weeks , but I have been busy shopping for materials , looking for ideas , thinking about color schemes and more than anything else trying to ACHIEVE BALANCE because I did say I was challenging myself this year to design earrings. Well believe me it has been a challenge and left up to me I would tweak and redesign each piece.It has been a challenge so far especially with my need to be perfect and also have pieces that are beautiful and eye catching . My glimmer of hope came today that I must be doing something right , I posted pics of my pieces on one of my beading community sites. Their comments truly lifted my spirits, that I nailed what they call asymmetrical designs and I Achieved Balance in my use of square,hexagon, and round pieces . I am ready to move on I am up for the challenge because I know I can Achieve Balance and be creative. Ase’

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