Month: November 2015

The Road May Be Long

This week was one of those. I questioned myself. Were these pieces I am creating worth it? Should I continue to do this? I have not had a sale in months. I have materials up the ying yang and all over my room. And my  credit card, wow, let’s not even talk about that. Then there

Maybe It’s Me

I often wonder about the thought process behind some designs. I look at some and say “oooh that is beautiful” or, “love it!”. Then there are those that make me go “what the hell?!?” or, “no way I would wear that”. Then there are those that really make me think – this is not wearable,

What Now

Now we are waiting for materials to get here. We wait and let the design play out in our head. We wait for this damn headache to leave too. And we try to finish up last weekend’s work, take pics and we also have  to clean up the shop and put new pieces in and

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