They Asked If I Am Haunted

Yes I am ,  “Haunted” if you are Trini  it  means  a restlessness , it means you can’t sleep and at the uncanny hour of night you look for things to do  that  will  make someone just shake their head. So this post began last night and for some reason it was not saved or published properly.  It is now almost 7 am and I am sleepy as hell after messing around with WP until almost  midnight.  But what the hell today is a new day to begin again.My reason for blogging this morning or last night was that I was speaking to a friend and I was telling him he had to engage his audience in order to garner interest in his page. After such speech it had finally dawned on me that I have not been speaking to anyone and no one was hearing my voice. I could blame a number of things for that of course . There is the summer which I enjoyed to the max , there is the fact that I have been stuck in a rut and I don’t know where I want to go with my jewelry , there is also the fact that my creative juices have been slow in coming forward  but it better get its act together because Christmas is right around the corner and if I don’t have any sales then I am definitely fucked.  And hey it is quite okay to post a pic of one of my pieces but if I don’t interact with you , and do what needs to be done to not only have a following but also a clientele then I am wasting my fucking time.  The responsibility of THERESE falls squarely on me and getting it to where I want it to be means I have to put in all the work, she is dependent on no one but me. So here is where I am at as  mother would say   “try your endeavor best ” and that is what I am going to do try  to get back my creative juices, try to build a clientele and try to let my voice be heard.


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