Maybe It’s Me

I often wonder about the thought process behind some designs. I look at some and say “oooh that is beautiful” or, “love it!”. Then there are those that make me go “what the hell?!?” or, “no way I would wear that”. Then there are those that really make me think – this is not wearable, it is much too large, and too heavy. And yes, in my opinion down right ugly. But yet it is being produced as creativity or art. I know about the age old argument that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in my opinion, jewelry should also be wearable. It should not be so heavy that you literally feel it against your skin, or it weighs down your ear lobes. It should add to your outfit and personality. There is a reason it is called an accessory because it is supposed to do just that, accessorize. And, it should be timeless.

I loved messing around in my  mother’s jewelry because she had pieces that to this day are wearable and would never go out of style.  But I have seen pieces that I am sure the owner must have said “I have no idea what I was thinking” or, “that was my crazy phase”. But one thing I am perfectly sure of is jewelry should not make you the laughing stock of the party. Instead it should be the show-stopper. The piece that everyone wants to know, “I wonder who’s the designer?”. That’s my rant of the day.

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