The Road May Be Long

This week was one of those. I questioned myself.

Were these pieces I am creating worth it? Should I continue to do this? I have not had a sale in months. I have materials up the ying yang and all over my room. And my  credit card, wow, let’s not even talk about that.

Then there are the compliments.
“Your work is lovely”
” Beautiful piece Stacey”
And the best one yet, “My wife loves your work you should bring your pieces to our home”.
In my mind I am saying your wife has never conveyed this sentiment to me. Should my spidey senses be tingling  right about now?
And  then there is the question, “Is it for sale”? One really should go with the polite answer, since the one I am formulating in my mind would make my grandmother roll over twice in her grave.

I have spent months without a sale or a hint of interest to purchase a piece. Yet I can’t turn off my mind from the creative process. I can’t help myself from looking at materials or seeing something and getting a vision to create a stunning piece.

As I write this I have materials waiting in a shopping cart online. Why? Because I saw something and yes my mind went on hyper drive and the design is already taking form.

So what do I do? Where do I go from here? I have no idea, but it is going to be a slow drive on this road as I try to figure it out.

Hopefully like every other successful person who started a new venture this is just my baptism in making THERESE a success.

I just have to believe in me!

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