Enlargen My Territory

This week, new thoughts and ideas started rolling around in my mind. Yea, I was in a bit of a funk, but I never gave up! There were so many things coming my way, that I can’t possibly give up. My ‘PITA’ is going to help me with some of the things she ‘actually thought about’, and I had new some ideas too, and believe it or not, somehow we are on the same page.

Plus I had a conversation with a very good friend who also put me back on track and reminded me that I was always a go-getter and positive person. So my mindset is that my territory will grow everyday. 2015 may not close the way I envisioned, but there were many highs as compared to lows with THERESE and I WON’T quit on her.

So we are not waiting for 2016 to arrive to begin anew. The ground work and planning has begun and I can’t wait to see the journey unfold.

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