Day: January 31, 2016

Africa Has Me Stumped

Africa really has me stumped, last year I wanted to do an African themed piece.  Mainly because I remembered the first piece I ever did was for my mother. I was still a child and she asked me to paint a wooden bracelet for her, it was not my best work but the memory brought about many things and one was to do an African themed piece. I looked for the type of beads I wanted, colors , shape , sizes  etc.  My first issue is that many of the beads the holes are really large unlike regular gem or Czech beads. After a week of research I kinda sorta figured out how to use them.  But as I look at many “African” themed pieces I wonder is there any right or wrong to them . Should they be wooden beads of seed beads, must it be natural colored beads or a variant of colors that just scream at you.  Should it be cloth or large over the top pieces that weigh on  wearer. I really don’t know and as the designer I am thinking do I go with my gut, my unique style or do I look for outside influences to assist in my design. So as I await the rest of my materials which hopefully it would arrive this week, I think no I believe my gut and unique style will win out and that is what is going to influence the design of the piece.  Ase’o Mama Africa be with me in this one.tumblr_mjxyw3IsAd1s73dl0o1_400