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There are days that are going to be like this , but I have to learn Patience. Everything is moving along smoothly my page likes have increased and I am seeing interest in my pieces. I am all hyped and ready to work on another piece and bam my materials are missing in action. Now

Rearrange My Thoughts

It has come to my attention that THERESE is not a hobby not a way to pass time but she is my life my first priority and I must make it so. Everyday I have to eat and breathe THERESE my mind has to be at work round the clock creating and thinking of beautiful

And Action

I would love to do my best Rachel Price impersonation right now   but it would not be the same.  So I will cut to the chase  and  let the world know we are on a roll .  We are on the second leg of the journey  ,  my online shop is up on Facebook

The Magic When I praise things will work

The Magic When I praise things will work , in the background Joel Osteen Sunday telecast is on. I he reaffirms what I have kept doing and saying KEEP SENDING UP THE RIGHT VAPORS. And it also just occured to me also a friend texted me this sermon the morning. Every which way I turn

Feeling A Bit Empty

Lately I don’t know what it is, maybe it is the weather . Yep I like to blame everything on the weather ,but I am restless, tired , worried and I feel as if that door is not going to open for me. There is so much praying I can do , I have been

Enjoy the Present

In my last post I spoke about my strange encounters with people well yesterday was another day of that . I tried to do a good deed for someone and the person not knowing my intentions for my visit , decided to avoid me . It was so funny because ordinarily I would have been


Lately I have been having the strangest encounters with people and it makes me wonder has the world gone crazy or is it the weather, something in the water , air or food. I don’t know which is it but I have arrived at the stage in that I am done ignoring your asses and

So, This Is What I’m Pinking About…

Nice piece.


I Am Getting There

Life has sent me a few knocks but faith and constant pray keeps me sane and at peace . I know God in His infinite mercy and wisdom has not and will not let me down. Ase

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