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God knows this morning I am eternally grateful and thankful to him one of the many things I have been praying for has been answered. And for this I am very grateful to him , all the saints I made peitions too and my ancestors who was and are still with me on this journey.

I Am Not Going To Tolerate It

lately I have been sharing on my FB page pieces from the Diary of St Faustina, a book that is about this thick. It is her experience from 1936 to 1937 in the nunnery with her conversations with Christ. I open the book at night and where ever my eyes fall on the page that

She Finally Did It

So she grew a back bone , I thought she would have come back after a few days like she would normally do. But on Saturday as I was returning home from running errands there she was with all her stuff in garbage bags with her abusers brother assisting her , she moved out. Kudos

I Wish I …..

I wish I was someone who wrote thought provoking political pieces or self improvement articles . But sadly I am not I don’t care to write those things because it includes research and having your facts correct. It also involves too much time and emotion and I have no interest in begining my day angry

Banking on Bare Sat

There Are Others With Bigger Problems

Everyday , every minute , hour and second I think about my life and where it is going , where I am at , how can I improve myself and I wonder and worry when will things get better for me financially , romantically and even when will my business start having sales everyday. But

All tied up

I had a similair years ago back home , I was coming out of the Soca Monarch competition at the Oval and as I walked out with my head wrap in Cobalt Blue some women saw me and here is the comment ” look dah one looking like a Baptist” , I never forgot the


. Lord knows that everyday I ask for patiences because if I don’t pray and ask God to be with me everyday especially at work, I know that I will have someone either hemmed up on the wall or I will cuss until there is no tomorrow. Everyone always have an opinion on how I

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