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Quiet Time

. And during this time you reassess your life , the situation , your hurts, where do you go from here and where do you want to go and you PRAY . Nothing like good old prays and meditation

Peace Of Mind I…

Peace Of Mind Is The Greatest Thing Ever I always wonder if many young women know what is peace of mind, half  way through my drama filled Tuesday my next  door neighbours decided to have one their many numerous fights. First off you have to understand the young woman involve in this Not Going Any

As I Trust All My Needs Are Being Met

Yesterday was one of those days where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. It started off with people not coming in to work so I was short staffed, and on top of that I had people who were just not listening so mistakes galore was being made all day long. My day at

Where Do I Begin

Last year my life took so many twist and turns  I was bored with my daily nine to five grind and I searched for something to do . My childhood friend proposed to me to begin to do jewelry, I thought about it and began doing research on tools , materials , and techniques. After

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